The Nuremberg Principles with Amy Benjamin

"I don't mind if after the job is done you put me in front of a Nuremberg Trial and then jail me for life. Hang me if you want, as a war criminal. What you don't understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it." ~ Ariel Sharon

By Catherine Austin Fitts

After several decades of globalization, with trillions disappearing from the U.S. federal government and explosive global corruption, it has become increasingly fashionable for those in power to ignore domestic and international law. The message is "crime pays."

Part of our challenge is the explosion in invisible weaponry and digital technology that has made it possible for those who have excelled at these technologies—remote control of planes, hacking of bank accounts, weather warfare, surveillance capitalism, online entrapment, entrainment and mind control—to get away with murder. It's hard to defend yourself against invisible technology if you don't appreciate that it exists—and your ignorance wildly emboldens those who do.

The question for many of us is "What do I do?" One foundational step is to revisit the values, principles, and laws that are the cornerstone of our civilization. We gather power by grounding ourselves in the cultural and moral covenants that we share. We can live by and express these principles in our daily life and finances—and shun those who violate them.

This week, Amy Benjamin joins us for a briefing on the Nuremberg Principles—the principles of international law that emerged from the Nuremberg Trials at the end of World War II. Amy teaches the Nuremberg Principles in her international law classes at the School of Law at Auckland University of Technology. We also discuss the Nuremberg Code—one of the most important sets of international standards for medical ethics.

This is a wide-ranging conversation and an excellent addition to the series of interviews we have done with Amy on The Solari Report. We recommend all of them to you.

Our hero this week is Frank Clegg, the retired President of Microsoft-Canada, who is courageously sounding the alarm on 5G—another example of the technology challenges we face. An unsafe technology that the U.S. and Israel developed for crowd control is being implemented globally. The companies implementing this global crowd control technology are free from legal liability for safety and health. Let that sink in.

In Let's Go to the Movies, I will review VAXXED II—the sequel to VAXXED. After flying from city to city for VAXXED screenings, producer Polly Tommey bought the team a bus. Polly and the team traveled across the U.S., filming thousands of doctors, parents, and children telling their stories of vaccine injury, chronic disease, and death. Overwhelmed by the harm and intimate destruction—well beyond what even the VAXXED team had initially realized—they decided to film parents of vaccine-free children, including families with a vaccine-injured eldest child whose death, disabilities, or trauma had inspired the family to successfully protect their younger children. Given the estimated U.S. childhood chronic disease rate of at least 54%—and rising—it is inspiring to see so many healthy children.

Even those of us who understand the extraordinary damage resulting from vaccines will be amazed at the extent to which the U.S. media and government have been able to bully people and organizations and cover up what is really happening. This is an astonishing documentary not just about vaccines and health but about the tragic human cost of not turning off the corporate media and seeking legitimate sources of intelligence. Please do not miss it!

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