The Emerging Multipolar World – Focus on Russia with the Saker

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"The pace of development of modern technologies and the linear development of human mentality are in dramatic conflict. Everything has to be restored to balance. All the rest is a consequence of this main conflict." ~Herman Gref

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week on The Solari Report, the Saker returns to continue our discussion of the emerging multipolar world. Our focus is on Russia and Russia's relationships with other oil producers and countries throughout the emerging markets who have been part of the efforts to "de-dollarize."

The global shutdown of the economy since March has significantly reduced global trade and demand for oil and gas—Russia's largest export. Drops in income are painful for everyone. Russia is in a unique position, however, having a low level of debt and having made significant investments to build a more resilient food supply and economy since being targeted by U.S. sanctions.

The Saker and I discuss the impact of current events on Russia's role in hot spots such as Ukraine and Venezuela. We also touch on recent NATO military exercises, consider how Moscow has received the latest revelations in General Flynn's case, and discuss the shift in U.S. scapegoating from Russia to China.

Our discussion reminds me again how much people everywhere struggle with the yoke of oppression. The "one percent" are sure not with us, but the rest of us indeed are in this together.

In Let's Go to the Movies this week, I recommend Fantastic Fungi, a documentary about mycologist Paul Stamets and his lifelong quest to understand and educate us about the mighty mushroom. My great-grandfather was a mushroom farmer. This film is a reminder for the next generations that the mushroom is one of the unique gifts we enjoy on our beautiful planet.

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