The Best of The Solari Report – The Series

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The Best of The Solari Report – The Series
The Best of The Solari Report – The Series

"It happens all the time. What I have learned from Solari has helped me navigate the world in so many specific and maybe more so, non-specific ways. Sometimes it is nothing specific but rather an attitude, or a way of thinking differently or maybe something learned from a book Solari suggested or guest comments or research. It is a subtle find when I notice another Solari input beginning to make sense or eventually come into focus. Jewels for understanding everywhere. A wonderful thing." ~ From a Solari Report subscriber

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Each year as we begin the holiday season in December, we celebrate the very best of The Solari Report.

This coming week, in our first part, we publish our picks for the top selections from our Solari Report Series: Food ( with Pete Kennedy, Wellness ( with Brigitte Mouchet, Future Science ( with Ulrike Granögger, and Food for the Soul ( with Nina Heyn. In the following weeks, we will publish our favorites from our weekly interviews as well as our News Trends & Stories analyses from our 2020 quarterly Wrap Ups.

From the Food Series with Pete Kennedy, we have chosen his interview with attorney Elizabeth Rich: In the Trenches with the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. It all began with those magic words from Elizabeth when the law met up with food—“I’m an attorney. I’ll work for milk!” This is in-depth intelligence from two attorneys who have made a life-changing difference for small farmers, inspiring us to make Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund a lead recommendation for our Take Action Crowdfund.

From the Wellness Series with Brigitte Mouchet, we have chosen Strengthen Your Immune System by Addressing Intracellular Oxidative Stress – An Interview with Dr. Thomas Levy, which is filled with numerous practical ideas to return you to a strong immune system—the foundation of wellness—and keep you there.

In Future Science, make sure to listen to Hyperdimensions with Ulrike Granögger. Accessing our power requires learning how to access the power of higher-dimensional thinking and communication. Learning these possibilities from someone who has mastered both the science and the ancient spiritual teachings is how you start.

In Food for the Soul, Your Culture Scout Nina Heyn and Catherine discuss Lost Art Stories, celebrating Nina’s Lost Art column series (Destroyed, Missing and Recovered) and describing their personal experiences with the lost-and-founds of the art world. If you are looking for great museums, movies, and cultural experiences, make sure to check out the recommendations from Nina at our Food for the Soul column. It is a personal favorite—truly, not to be missed!

These four selections for the Best of the Solari Report Series 2020 give you an opportunity over the holidays to connect with four of the most inspiring people I know. Enjoy!

My next Money & Markets report will publish on January 7, 2020. Post your questions for me at the commentary here, at Subscriber Input, or send to Ask Catherine. I will be interviewing Dr. Farrell in early January, so if you have questions or suggestions for our top stories of the year, do the same.

On behalf of the entire Solari team, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!