The Best of the Solari Report 2022—The Wrap Up Themes

Studying economics eventually leads to spirituality and the fundamental nature of the universe. Economics is simply an expression of the interaction of the invisible with the visible. This is why I love markets—when they work, the divine intelligence moves through them. Without law and risk management, unfortunately, the demonic works through them.
~ Catherine Austin Fitts

By Catherine Austin Fitts

For the “best of” our 2022 Wrap Up themes this week, we draw your attention to all four of the year’s Wrap Ups.

Our 2021 Annual Wrap Up addressed the all-important theme of sovereignty, a topic masterfully tackled by John Titus. In both the interview and written Wrap Up, John emphasized the importance of looking to history to understand the current central-bank-led takedown of “We the People.” Our conversation made clear that in addition to standing up for the rule of law, decentralization offers an important pathway toward a more human future.

In the 1st Quarter 2021 Wrap Up, Solari counsel Carolyn Betts and I presented a case study of blind-pool special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) and their explosive growth in 2020 and 2021, even as policies were intentionally shutting down or bankrupting the small business sector. Our analysis suggested that the financial tsunami that poured into SPACs over the two-year period was a very effective way for the “Going Direct Reset” team to target capital to specific control grid industries.

Closely related to the Annual Wrap Up topic, long-time ally Franklin Sanders returned to Solari in the 2nd Quarter to explain how gold and silver usage can help build stronger local and state-level financial infrastructures—and contribute to individual and state sovereignty. One of Franklin’s key take-home messages for U.S. subscribers is that it is already perfectly legal to contract with others to use gold and silver in your daily transactions. Read the Wrap Up to learn the details.

Finally, in our theme for the 3rd Quarter 2022 Wrap Up, publishing on December 29, I discuss Solari’s evolving Building Wealth curriculum, a tool designed to support your strategic and financial planning during wartime. As I have stated all year, a wartime strategy requires making risk management a priority. I also continue to emphasize the interrelationship between financial equity and the wealth we grow in ourselves and those we love—what I call living equity.

Money & Markets

As this is Christmas week, there will be no Money & Markets or Ask Catherine. This year, for the first time, we will publish a final Money & Markets on December 29. John Titus and I will cover our picks for the most important stories and our favorite pushbacks for the year. You can post questions at the Money & Markets commentary here.

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