The Best of the Solari Report 2022 — The Weekly Interviews

“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Each year during the holiday season, we celebrate the very Best of the Solari Report. This coming week, we start by publishing our top selections from the Solari Report Weekly Interviews. 

Three of our top picks are interviews that demonstrate the enormous gap between the official narratives about health and disease and the actual risks we are navigating in our daily lives.  Understanding this gap is essential for family and personal decision-making. Having access to great scientists, attorneys, and scholars in the process is inspiring: 

  • Dr. David Rasnick joins me for Inventing and Weaponizing AIDS. The Covid event is far from the first fraudulent use of the medical system. Understanding the history of virus and epidemic frauds provides invaluable context. This interview is good background for next week’s Special Report where David Rasnick joins Ulrike Granögger to discuss “Aneuploidy” as the most likely cause for cancer.
  • Dr. Mark Skidmore joins me for a discussion of The Covid-19 Survey. Reading the results of Dr. Skidmore’s pilot survey and final survey, including the Appendix round-up of respondents’ comments on injuries and deaths from the Covid injections, was what finally convinced me that we were dealing with an intentional democide. While this was far from good news, it is indispensable to know with whom and what we are dealing. 
  • French attorney Diane Protat and her client, Mélodie Feron, join me to ask Where Is My Period? Their efforts to warn women of the dangers of the Covid injections and the potential harms of the shots for women’s health and fertility have been vital—going “viral” around the world.  

Health care is not the only system being used to push for central control. Rypke Zellmaker is one of the leading voices in Europe sounding the alarm on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the use of false climate change narratives to assert central control. Rypke has been particularly eloquent on efforts in the Netherlands to destroy the business and property rights of Dutch farmers. In our fourth pick for Best of the Weekly Interviews, Rypke joins me for a discussion of UNsustainable Development Goals.

We hope these four interviews remind you of the fearless people who are providing actionable intelligence—the kind we can use to light and create a pathway forward. 

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