The Battle with Governor Inslee rages on … Lockdown Kittitas County

[CAF Note: While I do not share the enthusiasm of experimenting on citizens with gene therapy with secrets ingredients, this does provide an example of a county starting to push back.]

From a Solari Report Subscriber (earlier this month)

Today, Governor Inslee’s office was blasted with letters from county, and state and federal congressional representatives about our continued closure situation. Note the legal, medical, and economic arguments.

  1. Our county sheriff’s department, county incident response command Team, County Commissioners, and county prosecutor issue a statement to Governor Inslee – (a lawsuit against the Governor’s office is being prepared by our county prosecutor’s office and intimated in the letter).
    Sheriff Myers met with county and state officials this morning to discuss the Governor’s announcement that Kittitas County remains in Phase 1 of the “Roadmap to Recovery” and has issued this statement in response….
  2. Our Congressional representative, Dr. Kim Schrier (D) issued a statement today to Governor Inslee. (This is a very well documented letter BTW)
  3. A second Congressional Representative, Rep. Dan Newhouse, issues a statement today about our closure situation.

Our county was featured in a CNN national news article:

Crime has spiked dramatically over the past month since we were put in Phase I lockdown again. Citizens have reached their limit.

We are waiting to see what Inslee’s next play is. Sadly the entire state is getting to see what a ‘moron’ he is – that is word now being used to describe the Governor unfortunately.