The Banker’s Guide To Owning It All!

By Ishkabibble

  • Become majority lender in an economy of people with assets you want.
  • Encourage indebtedness by loaning generously while securing on assets of interest.
  • Loosen lending standards until the assets you seek to capture are attached. (this makes the economy debt dependent)
  • Once debts are significant for the bulk of the population, sharply tighten lending standards. < — Economic shock – Onset of deflation
  • Backstop losses with public guarantees if possible. This is gravy if one can get it. (Fannie and Freddie guarantees, for example)
  • Permit default ‘without risk’ on the assets you wish to sieze to maximize wealth transfer. (stall foreclosure, stay repossession orders etc)
  • Stall the economy to maximize default positions and deplete private liquidity. < — We are here

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