Template Letter to Congressional Representative Re: Proposed World Health Organization (WHO) Treaty



Re:  Your position on proposed WHO International Health Regulations amendments, and WHO and government overreach and propaganda regarding Covid inoculations and forced mandates

Dear Senator/Congressman/woman _____________:

I am/we are [a] registered voter[s] within your district with grave concerns about what [I/we] have read and heard about proposed World Health Organization (WHO) “International Health Regulations” amendments. These amendments would transfer control of the conduct of pandemics to the WHO. According to leaked information on current negotiations, the amendments would, among other things:

  • Remove the word “non-binding,” thereby converting the regulations from recommendations to laws;
  • Remove clearly defined and understood words like “fundamental freedoms of persons” and “dignity,” instead substituting woke terms like “equity,” “diversity,” and “exclusivity,” thereby usurping rights previously granted;
  • Turn the WHO into a pandemic preparedness agency at the whopping cost of $60 billion (as compared with current cost of less than $4 billion); and
  • Require member nations to institute disease surveillance activities.

These International Health Regulations amendments are tantamount to a treaty, which should require approval by Congress by a two-thirds vote. However, it appears that proponents may be characterizing them as mere amendments to current regulations (which would require only a majority vote of the World Health Assembly) in order to try to circumvent the Congressional treaty approval requirement. Note that the U.S. never actually ratified the most recent International Health Regulations amendments in 2005. It should go without saying that international treaties and sovereign immunity powers (which the WHO has—see link below) should not be permitted to override the Constitution or the authority of our Congress.

Below is a link to a Daily Sceptic article presenting a letter written to the UK Parliament by six organizations concerned with the proposed WHO power grab. It summarizes major concerns about the treaty as follows:

  • Overreach of WHO, a non-governmental organization;
  • Conflicts of interest;
  • Loss of oversight;
  • Censorship;
  • Loss of nationhood;
  • Side-stepping of the democratic process;
  • Conflation of distinct global challenges.

[I/We] believe the International Health Regulations amendments advance the interests of a global elite in creating a technocracy—a virtual digital concentration camp—through national and international medical and other IDs, the “One Health” system, central bank digital currencies, and climate-change-related “sustainable development” and other mandates imposed by unelected technocrats.

The linked Daily Sceptic article is written in the context of the UK Parliament, but the threats to personal and national sovereignty in the U.S. are the same.

In a related development—“related” in the sense that it deals with government propaganda and censorship regarding the so-called Covid “pandemic” and efforts by CDC and WHO to present a false narrative to the American people regarding the safety and effectiveness of Covid and other proposed mRNA and other inoculations and to suppress the health dangers of the inoculations—The Epoch Times reveals (see link below) that the U.S. government used a secret Twitter portal to censor Covid-19 content that contradicted the government’s false narrative and engaged in similar censorship activities through Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms.

[I/We] urge you to take action to:

  1. SCRUTINIZE WHO International Health Regulations amendment negotiations before it is too late and the proposals are “adopted” through unconstitutional means;
  2. OPPOSE the proposed and any similar International Health Regulations amendments;
  3. FORCE a Congressional vote on the proposed International Health Regulations amendments as a treaty; and
  4. Consistent with revelations by Senator Ron Johnson’s recent hearings on the subject of the so-called vaccines and injuries therefrom, REIGN IN the pharma-controlled FDA and CDC in their efforts to:

(a) force vaccine and other medical mandates on the American people,

(b) engage in propaganda that falsely portrays the mRNA and other inoculations as safe and effective,

(c) interfere with the doctor-patient relationship through nefarious schemes to silence and de-license doctors, pharmacists, and other health care providers who disagree with the false narrative and seek alternative, cheaper, and more effective treatments for Covid-19; and

(d) take further actions to shut down schools, businesses, and other activities of American life under the guise of fake, pre-planned, and engineered “pandemics” as a means of asserting government control and ushering in a Chinese-style social credit system.

Thank you for your serious consideration of these matters of great concern to what I/we believe is a vast majority of your constituents.

Very truly yours,

John and Mary Smith

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