Special Solari Report: Scared to Debt – the Student Loan Entrapment with Mike Camoin

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“I find it challenging to invest in an economy in which so many powerful people are financially dependent upon human failure. Worst among them are those who are financially vested in the failure of our young people, for that is ultimately the failure of the future itself.” ~ Catherine Austin Fitts, The Economic Hit Man of Student Loans

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Filmaker Mike Camoin joins me to discuss Scared to Debt – the documentary that he and Student Loan Justicefounder Alan Collinge are making. Check out the trailer:

Scared to Debt will help support efforts to return standard consumer protections to student loans and reverse the ongoing debt entrapment of people who seek an education.

I encourage our subscribers and readers and anyone concerned about the entrapment of the next generation and the desire for a positive future to support Mike and Alan with your prayers, your donations and your promotion of their work – send the trailer and this interview far and wide!

You can join with the Solari team and donate to their Go Fund Me Campaign for the film here

Do you have young people in your life? Help them do an analysis of the return on investment for both the time and money they invest in their education. They need to justify every class and aspect of their curriculum as to how it will contribute to their future. They need to ensure that the economic investment they are making will produce a positive return on an economic basis.

If a university can not demonstrate how the skills they will acquire will generate the income in the economy that will exist when they graduate (as opposed to the one that existed when the universities curriculum was designed) that will be required on an after-tax basis to pay off any debt incurred, it is not the university for them.

As a society, we need to start applying return on investment criteria to invest in our children’s success as opposed to using it to harvest the next generation.

I hope you will support Mike and Alan’s efforts. Every little bit counts!

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