Special Solari Report: Metanoia Series: Keeping Love Alive with Na’im Muslim

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Fathers, go get your sons. Don’t forget your daughters.
~ Na’im Muslim

By Junious Ricardo Stanton

Na’im Muslim is a counselor, social activist, community organizer, transformation facilitator, and program creator who started a program to promote parental engagement and responsibility in Camden, New Jersey. As he worked to stem violence in the city, he formulated a campaign to encourage fathers to become more active and engaged in the lives of their sons and daughters. He founded a fatherhood initiative entitled “Fathers Go Get Your Sons,” which subsequently branched out to encompass daughters, “Don’t Forget Your Daughters.”

From Na’im’s perspective, Love is the answer. Na’im exhorts us to consciously “Keep Love Present” by making Love our focal point. Na’im works with schools and community groups, offering workshops and sessions as reminders to “Keep Love Present” by learning to love ourselves, honor who we are, and begin the work to transform our lives and personal spaces using Love as the catalyst. In this episode of the Metanoia Series, Na’im shares his insights on personal transformation and how to Keep Love Present.

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