Special Solari Report: GameStop and Naked Short Selling with Lucy Komisar

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"GameStop is the brick-and-mortar video game retailer whose stock soared from $18.84 on December 31 of last year to an intraday high of $483 on January 28 – an unprecedented run of 2,465 percent in four weeks by a struggling retail outlet. Following the spectacular run, GameStop’s share price then quickly plunged back to earth, making its stock chart look like something you would see from a boiler room operation rather than a New York Stock Exchange-listed stock. GameStop’s closing price yesterday was $40.69."
~ Pam and Russ Martens, February 19, 2021

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Lucy Komisar is one of the top financial fraud investigative reporters in the new media. Lucy is known for unraveling the most complex financial frauds—particularly those involving sophisticated cross-border transactions.

When I learned Lucy was doing a deep dive on the GameStop trading war, including the latest on naked short selling oversight and regulation—a problem that has plagued American capital markets for a long time—I had to get her back on the Solari Report. If you have not yet discovered Lucy and her website The Komisar Scoop, you are in for a treat.

Lucy Komisar’s website The Komisar Scoop

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