Special Solari Report: Freedom Fighting with Mads Palsvig

Danish Gov want to implement law that allows companies to forcetest employees.
Danish Gov want to implement law that allows companies to forcetest employees.

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By Catherine Austin Fitts

Mads Palsvig is a freedom fighter from Denmark. He is someone you want to know.

Mads’ efforts were instrumental in beating back the move to legislate vaccine mandates in Denmark, using the Icelandic tactic of “pots and pans.”

Mads has founded a new Danish political party called JFK21, which will be fielding candidates in the next Danish elections.

Mads was a successful investment banker. He has the credentials—finance and legal degrees and a CFA. He also has the experience—he spent over 25 years working for several of the largest and most prestigious financial institutions in London and Hong Kong. With a specialty in trading government sovereign bonds, he began asking too many questions about the financial crisis and the austerity program that was devastating Southern Europe.

Now Mads is playing a leadership role in the World Freedom Alliance, of which he is a founding member. He is educating global leaders—those shocked by the lies and lockdowns deployed during the current health “crisis”—about the importance of decentralizing money and credit creation.

Yesterday, I asked Mads to take a break from his meetings with the World Freedom Alliance to introduce himself to the Solari Report audience. Here is a politician who is on the right track. His efforts both in Denmark and globally mean a great deal to all of us.

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