Special Report: Roy Ramey: America’s Little Ag Candidate

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Food Freedom Is Freedom.
~ Campaign slogan of Roy Ramey, candidate for West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture

By Pete Kennedy

If we are going to be successful in the fight against the centralization and tyranny team, it is critical to implement laws and policies strengthening an independent, parallel food system centered on local production of nutrient-dense food. The place for this to happen is at the state level. To this end, it is important to have state legislators with the drive and vision to move their constituents away from disastrous federal policies on food and agriculture to policies promoting state and regional self-sufficiency in the production and distribution of quality food.

Another key position in state government that can help make this happen is the Commissioner of Agriculture. The commissioner can set the direction a state takes in establishing either the conditions for small family farms to thrive or the conditions for industrial agriculture to further consolidate control over the food supply.

Our guest on this Solari Special Report audiocast, farmer and military veteran Roy Ramey, is a candidate for West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture in the 2024 race. Ramey talks about his plan to grow and protect small family farms in West Virginia, and the tools he has to carry out his programs. He speaks about why he can win the commissioner’s race and the support he needs, financially and otherwise, to win next year.

The race for Agriculture Commissioner in West Virginia has national implications. If Ramey can get elected, he will set a precedent and make it easier for pro little Ag candidates—those whose primary supporters are small farms and their patrons—to get elected or appointed as agriculture commissioner or ascend to a similar office in other states. Anyone who wants the best quality food for themselves and their family has a stake in the West Virginia Agriculture Commissioner race. Tune in to find out how you can support Roy Ramey, the candidate for little Ag everywhere.

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