Solution Series: How to Become a Local Activist with Patrick Wood

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Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.”
~ James Baldwin

By Corey Lynn and James White

As the experiment of big spending, big government, and big corporations appears to be waning, one has to ask what will take its place if the system as we know it fails. For many years running, those who have foreseen what is now happening have been educating citizens to “go local” in all that they do. Our guest on this episode of the Solution Series, Patrick Wood, has been aware of what is coming for a long time, educating and informing America for going on four decades.

We are delighted to talk to Patrick about organizing locally. His long experience and infectious charisma make him an ideal candidate to discuss the importance of forming, training, and maintaining local groups that a community can count on if the going gets tough. Patrick is clear, concise, and very knowledgeable—so grab your favorite beverage and enjoy this wonderful episode.

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