So You Want to Save Energy and the Planet?

by: John Dzwonczyk

“despite more than $2 trillion in spending on renewables over the past three decades, there is scant evidence that an energy transition is underway…despite all that spending, wind and solar are not making a significant dent in our insatiable thirst for oil, gas, and coal…wind and solar simply cannot provide the staggering scale of energy the world needs at prices consumers can afford”–Robert Bryce

Hyping the Energy Transition

The linked article is an excellent, plain-language survey of the current energy source deployment and areas of growth, based on the BP Statistical Review of World Energy. When you read it and look at the charts, you will see that, exhortatory advertisement and promotion notwithstanding, the use of non-carbon-based “green” fuel sources for electric and transportation energy significantly falls short of the growth of the absurdly-named “fossil fuel” demand. I hope readers will explore some of the links and reading I suggest. It’s time for citizens to inform themselves on the issues our increasingly unreliable mass-media and its partner, the equally mercurial governments of the West, in particular, espouse.

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