Food Series: Rogue Food—An Interview with John Moody

“His far hind leg in Buffalo,
His front one in Tacoma,
His left rear half in Jacksonville,
His front one in Pomona,
And after that steer et all that hay, [ate]
Wouldn’t there be a fuss,
If what that steer did to Washington
Was what Washington did to us?”
~ Charles Walters, founder of Acres U.S.A. eco-agriculture magazine

By Pete Kennedy

At a time when access to real, fresh, and healthy food is about to become a top priority for more and more consumers, it is important to understand some of the issues local producers are facing, and the options available that could benefit all.

This is actually what the “rogue food” movement is about: Finding ways for local food producers and distributors to avoid burdensome regulatory requirements, while remaining compliant with the law. A famous example is how farmers have been able to legally distribute raw milk by selling an ownership interest in any dairy animal(s) when the sale of raw milk is prohibited under state law.

The current regulatory environment is clearly the biggest obstacle to success for small farmers and other local food producers. State and federal laws such as the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the Federal Meat Inspection Act governing our food production system create barriers to entry for small producers.

Join me for an enlightening interview with farmer, homesteader, author, speaker, and activist John Moody, who will talk about his experience with rogue food. John runs the Whole Life Food Buyers Club in Louisville, Kentucky, a successful operation providing its members quality food. He will also talk about the highly successful 2020 Rogue Food Conference he organized, an event featuring farmers from around the country speaking about their utilization of rogue food concepts, and the plans he has for the 2021 conference.

In Money & Markets this week, Catherine will contine to discuss the Going Direct Reset and cover the latest events in finance and politics. E-mail your questions for Ask Catherine or post at the Money & Markets commentary for the first week of February here.

For Let’s Go to the Movies, I recommend a short video of John Moody describing the raid of the Whole Life Food Buyers Club in Kentucky on Memorial Day weekend in 2011: First Hand Farm Raid Stories, John Moody, Whole Life Buying.

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Food Series: Rogue Food—An Interview with John Moody

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Please join us this Thursday, February 4th.

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