The Solari Papers #1: Reversing the Financial Coup d’Etat

“To allow [money] to become a source of revenue to private issuers is to create, first, a secret and illicit arm of the government and, last, a rival power strong enough ultimately to overthrow all other forms of government.” ~ Frederick Soddy

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This paper provides an overview of critical issues related to the U.S. federal finances
and the systemic lawlessness of current federal financial management. Our goal is to help:

  • U.S. presidential candidates and their staff and economic advisors understand the critical issues to be addressed to reform the U.S. federal finances; and
  • State officials and legislators and their staff understand the urgency of taking legislative and operational action to protect their governmental sovereignty as well as the financial transaction freedom of their state, political subdivisions, financial institutions, and citizens

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