Pushback of the Week: May 6, 2024: Dr. Meryl Nass and Door to Freedom

“This whole pandemic, and the takeover of the world by ‘elites (global cabal)’ has been orchestrated primarily through fear, and one thing that’s necessary is to make doctors cooperate. To do that, the best way is to scare them, and the best way to scare them is to threaten their medical licenses.” ~ Dr. Meryl Nass

For their remarkable work, we have selected Dr. Meryl Nass and the organization Door to Freedom as our Pushback of the Week.

As a practicing physician, Dr. Nass utilized her knowledge and judgment to provide early-stage treatment to Covid-19 patients and warn about the Covid-19 injections. In the wake of those actions, the Maine Board of Licensure suspended her medical license. The subsequent hearings and Dr. Nass’s lawsuit against the board have been instrumental in unveiling the nuts and bolts of how the targeting of doctors in the U.S. is being orchestrated. Understanding this medical control machinery has helped unleash untold support for other targeted doctors.

In 2023, Dr. Nass founded Door to Freedom as a response to the World Health Organization’s active attempts to lay the groundwork for global control over public health and health information—with the cover story of “biosecurity” designed to support political control and economic takings. Door to Freedom’s comprehensive and regularly updated resources about the WHO’s proposals include articles, videos, handouts, official documents, and other educational materials, as well as guidance on how to halt the WHO’s efforts. Additionally, Door to Freedom has been actively networking and providing briefings in many countries to disseminate this information worldwide. Through these efforts, Dr. Nass is once again helping us understand the bigger picture—the extent to which control of the financial system and sovereign debt is being used to build the power of entities (the WHO and other international organizations) with sovereign immunity.

We are grateful for Dr. Nass’s diligent research and considerable efforts to educate, inspire, and free others to take action.

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