Pushback of the Week: January 22, 2024: Margaret and Dan Byfield, American Stewards of Liberty

“Property must be secured, or liberty cannot exist.” ~ John Adams

American Stewards of Liberty (ASL) is a non-profit organization that is committed to safeguarding the fundamental principles of private property rights and the invaluable liberties they uphold. ASL tirelessly educates about the importance of individual sovereignty and property rights, advocates for the responsible use of land, and strives to reinstate local jurisdiction and control. As a result of their strategic approach, ASL has achieved significant triumphs in the realm of property rights, including thwarting the Trans-Texas Corridor and sounding the alarm about the Biden’s administration 30 x 30 land grab and Natural Asset Companies (NACs).

ASL stands firm in its opposition to policies that weaken America’s capacity to meet the demands for essential resources such as food, fiber, energy, and minerals. By doing so, they actively challenge the weaponization of the environmental movement and its misuse to advocate for the administrative state to dictate land usage in concert with central banking policies and international treaties that ignore and override the law and centralize ownership and control to benefit private corporate interests and the privileged few. ASL understands the superior wealth-building alternative—empowering individuals to make environmentally intelligent decisions.

Margaret and Dan Byfield, the executive director and CEO of American Stewards of Liberty, respectively, deserve our utmost gratitude for their unwavering commitment to challenging and enlightening individuals about encroachments on land ownership. Their steadfast efforts have been instrumental in empowering the public to safeguard essential rights and liberties, ensuring their preservation for generations to come.


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American Stewards of Liberty: Trans-Texas Corridor

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