Returning to the Pistis Sophia


“And now, let all Matter rejoice; let all aspire to the Light, that the power of the soul which is in you may live.” ~ Pistis Sophia I:32

By Catherine Austin Fitts

[Update: I am flying to Belgium tomorrow for my next “Pistis Sophia & the Christ Gnosis” workshop in Bruges, and then off to the Netherlands. For those of you who are curious about the Pistis, here was the post for last year’s workshop.]

From Friday, October 28 to Sunday, October 30, 2016, I will attend “Pistis Sophia & the Christ Gnosis: The Mysteries of Salvation, Part 2″ in Trento, Italy. This is the follow up to “Pistis Sophia & the Christ Gnosis: The Mysteries of Salvation” in Assisi, Italy that I attended in September 17-20, 2015.

The Pistis Sophia is an ancient Coptic text which is a series of teachings by Jesus after his resurrection. The story of Pistis Sophia is of a female disciple who fell into the lower dimension and seeks redemption. Her fall and redemption is a parable of humanity’s story.

You can learn more about the 2015 workshop here. This summer our teacher Ulrike Granögger recorded an introduction to the Pistis Sophia which we posted. See the link below.

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