Open Letter to Coles Group Limited: Vax Mandate for Employees


Coles Group Limited (“Coles”) PO Box 480
Glen Iris, Vic 3146

Attn: Stephen Cain CEO

Attn: David Brewster
Chief Legal and Safety Officer

Re: Vax Mandate for Coles employees

This is an open letter to Coles seeking answers to the following questions relating to the “jab” mandate that management is imposing on all of its employees without regard to consent or exemptions and individual health circumstances.

Medical Advice

On 28th October, 2021 Coles held a Q&A session with Coles employees regarding the “jab”.

The following people were on this panel

– Matt Swindells (Coles Group Chief Operations Officer)
– David Brewster (Coles Group Chief Legal and Safety Officer)
– Sally Fielke (Coles GM Corporate Affairs)
– Dr Kerry Chant (Chief Health Officer of NSW Health)
– Professor Kristine McCartney

Please respond to the following questions.

  1. Did all the above declare any conflicts of interest in respect to pecuniary or other interests (such as board memberships) in any of the “jabs” such as Pfizer or BioNTech, Astra Zeneca or Oxford Biomedica and/or Moderna. This includes interests held through managed funds as well has interests held directly. Did Professor Kristine McCartney disclose her funding sources which include foundations and companies which are connected to the “jabs”?
  2. Did the Coles panel advise employees to take a specific jab? If not, did Coles advise employees to take one of the three jabs that are currently only PROVISIONALLY approved by the TGA. That is Astra Zeneca, Pfizer or Moderna.
  3. Does Coles or all members of this panel have a medical license to advise employees to take a provisionally approved “jab”. As you are aware provisional approval is similar to emergency approval and is still undergoing clinical trials. Can Coles please advise if it has examined the clinical trial data to determine that it is safe for ALL employees (without exception).
  4. Is Coles making the acceptance of a provisionally approved medical treatment (which is still being assessed in clinical trials) a condition of employment at Coles?
  5. Does Coles look at the adverse reaction events on a daily basis which are available on the TGA website? Does Coles also research other publicly available sources of infection and adverse
    events data on a daily basis to ensure that you are properly balancing risk and benefit? For
    example, the US (VAERS), the UK, Singapore and Israel have readily available data.
  6. If Coles is making the acceptance of a provisionally approved medical treatment a condition of employment at Coles, can Coles represent and warrant that these are safe treatments with no
    possibility of death or disability?
  7. Please demonstrate liability insurance for death or disability following vaccination and provide
    details of such insurance.
  8. If Coles does not have an insurance scheme, as Coles accepting personal liability (including
    criminal liability) for any death or disability arising out of the jab mandate as a condition to
    employment (including the exacerbation of pre-existing conditions including latent conditions).
  9. As Coles is forcing a mandate for a medical treatment on its employees, does Coles have a
    medical indemnity insurance scheme in accordance with National Law requirements for all
    doctors prescribing or advising medical treatments?
  10. Should any worker suffer disability as a result of the treatment Coles has mandated, is there an
    agreement to provide the worker with an ongoing salary until the worker is able to work again,
    and if the worker is not able to work again a lifelong salary entitlement?
  11. If Coles is not the one advising medical treatment (which would be practicing medicine without
    a license) does Coles have a nominated Chief Medical Officer and have they agreed to underwrite all death and disability arising as a result of their medical advice to receive any of the jabs?
  12. Can Coles please explain CLEARLY what an mRNA “jab” is and whether it has been used before in humans or whether this is a clinical trial for a new unproven technology.

Risk Factors and Disclosure

As Coles is aware all issuers must lodge filings regularly with the SEC if there is a US connection. BioNTech is a foreign issuer and must lodge various forms from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US.


The risk factors included in the relevant forms is concerning and should give Coles pause for thought particularly if the vaccine is causing the adverse reactions listed in the Risk Factors which can result in life long damage. Further there is NO data about pregnancy and this is clearly stated as well as it being clearly stated that the vaccine is STILL not approved and is only authorized for emergency use (for as long as the “pandemic” is continuing.

“There is limited experience with use of COMIRNATY® in pregnant women. Administration of COMIRNATY® in pregnancy should only be considered when the potential benefits outweigh any potential risks for the mother and fetus”.

There is also very little evidence (that has been made publicly available) at least on the effect on fertility.

As there is confusion (seemingly deliberate) between the marketing name “Cominarty” and the BioNtech vaccine (not Cominarty) which appear to be two different formulas, have you done sufficient due diligence and risk assessment to ensure that you are not willfully or negligently causing damage to your employees through this mandate through not being completely familiar with the various “vaccine” candidates.


Moderna only addresses Risk Factors in its Annual Report it appears and we will have to wait for the next Annual Report for the risks to people to be discussed fully. There is not enough disclosure for any reasonable person to determine the safety and efficacy of this vaccine. 20201231.htm

Astra Zeneca

AstraZeneca is listed in London so the reporting requirements aren’t as stringent as they are for the US. However, here is some information on the blood clotting issues put out by the European Medicines Agency in March 2021. Surely this MUST give pause for thought considering that the rollout really didn’t begin until then and the number of adverse reactions is skyrocketing in Australia.

Myocarditis is NOT a joke and the likelihood of surviving beyond 5 years is extremely poor particularly amongst younger people. There is a plethora of published evidence available and it would be prudent for Coles (if they are going to insist on forcing medical procedures on their staff) to conduct in depth and ongoing analysis.

Conflicts of Interest

The following links are the main institutional shareholders of each of the “jab” companies and their partners:

  1. Pfizer Inc –
    BioNTech – BIONTECH SE : Shareholders Board Members Managers and Company Profile | US09075V1026 | MarketScreener
  2. Astra Zeneca PLC – 4000930/company/
    Oxford Biomedica PLC – PLC-4001068/company/
  3. Moderna Inc – (NASDAQ: MRNA) INC-47437573/

Market Screener also includes the other companies where each of the above companies have a shareholding interest. There are many cross shareholdings in other biotech/pharma companies, analysis of which is beyond the scope of this letter.

The following link discloses the main institutional shareholders of Coles.

Please note the following shareholdings. These are not ALL the shareholders but is an illustration of the shareholders who have both interests in Coles and in the “jab”. All of the “jabs”.

A. Coles

– BlackRock Fund Advisors, Vanguard Investments Australia, Norges Bank Investment Management, BlackRock Advisors UK, Blackrock Investment Management (Aus), BlackRock Investment Management UK, Wesfarmers Limited (as the largest shareholder)


– The Vanguard Group Inc, Vanguard Investments, Norges Bank InvestmentManagement Blackrock Advisors UK, State Street Global Advisors.

B. Pfizer Inc

– The Vanguard Group Inc, SSGA Funds Management (subsidiary of State Street Global Advisors), BlackRock Fund Advisors, Norges Bank


– BlackRock Fund Advisors, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

C. Astra Zeneca PLC

– The Vanguard Group Inc, BlackRock Fund Advisors, SSGA Funds Management, BlackRock Investment Management (UK), BlackRock Advisors UK (Ltd). AZ manufactures the “jab” for OBM.

Oxford BioMedica

– held mostly by family offices and other asset managers/foundations which allows indirect (and often undisclosed) investment by large hedge/private equity and other asset funds into target companies. Lion Trust Asset Management’s largest shareholder is BlackRock Investment Management.

C. Moderna

– The Vanguard Group Inc, SSGA Funds Management, Black Rock Fund Advisors.

Please advise if a detailed analysis of these very obvious (and serious) conflicts of interest has been undertaken by the Coles Compliance Group. How much influence do these shareholders exert over the decisions of the Board? The Board is to make decisions in the best interests of the Company not in the best interests of its shareholders. The Board is also under legal obligations to ensure the health and wellbeing of all Coles employees and workers. It is not clear that Coles is in fact doing the latter but more is acting in the interests of its shareholders and their investments.

A full analysis of the very serious conflicts of interest which is obvious to even the ordinary man on the street, is outside the scope of this letter.

Coles Vaccination Status MyHub

Please advise whether Privacy Impact Assessments under both state and Commonwealth laws have been done in relation to the the uploading, retention and use of people’s private medical information and vaccine status in the Coles Portal. Presumably this portal is Australia wide. How is Coles complying with the Privacy Acts in each state as well as complying IN FULL with the Commonwealth Privacy Act and related regulations?

Please advise if you have received GDPR and US data privacy legal advice particularly on using US Internet Infrastructure as a Product or Service and your compliance and security protocols regarding malicious cyber activities including tradecraft and the use of surveillance on Australian citizens.

Please advise which internet infrastructure and software Coles is using. This should be set out clearly in the Privacy Policy and free and fully informed consent is a necessary precondition. Amazon, Google or Microsoft Azure? Please advise what precautions you have taken to ensure that this information is not shared with any third party or any affiliate of Coles in any way either within or outside of Australia, and that you have not sought consent to do so through coercion of your employees to give such consent.

Modern Slavery

Please provide the Coles Modern Slavery analysis where Coles has established that neither its privacy policies nor it’s jab mandates breach domestic or international law and is not similar to anything that may be taking place in China , particularly in relation to the Uyghur people and the CCP social credit system. Please advise that you have done proper analysis internally and have ascertained that Cole’s violation of people’s medical privacy is not in violation of other human rights laws (including International Law). Please see the below article about the CCP “physicals for all” program.

“Xinjiang authorities should rename their physical exams project ‘Privacy Violations for All”

Coles egregious abuse of its power as a major employer is a little too close to what the CCP does in China to a section of its citizens. This is extremely bad for the reputation of a major ASX listed company and many retail shareholders may suffer losses as a result of this being made public.

Foreign Interference

Is Coles confident that there is no foreign interference in contravention of the Australian Foreign Interference laws taking place at all levels within the organization from the Board down to lower management?

Please find attached the requirements for registration under the relevant legislation.

Rapid Antigen Testing

It has come to our attention that shortly, Coles will begin to sell rapid antigen tests instore. Apparently, this test is manufactured in China by Hough Pharma which appears to be a new entrant to the market (based in Queensland) with no track record of success or efficacy. There is very little information available on the shareholders of Hough Pharma.

Coles must be aware of the failure of the Ellume product from Queensland used in the US where it was producing too many false negative results to be reliable. fda/100463702

Has Coles ensured that the tests Coles will be selling are fit for purpose and comply with all consumer legislative requirements and will not be used to disrupt people’s lives and harass them and unlawfully imprison them?

Have you done proper modern slavery due diligence on Hough Pharma due to the fact that the product is made in China? This is the manufacturer. BIOHIT HealthCare (Hefei) Co Ltd (China). Have you done extensive due diligence on this company as well?

It’s rather odd that their SARS COV 2 test was accepted by the European Union in March 2020 BEFORE the “Coronavirus” had even really ramped up. Was it in development in anticipation?

On March 18, 2020, Biohit’s SARS-CoV-2 IgM/IgG Antibody Rapid Test Kit passed the European CE certification and export qualifications. On June 18th 2020, Biohit SARS-CoV-2 IgM/IgG Antibody Test Kit

(Colloidal Gold Method) was granted U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

In June 2018, Biohit HealthCare (Hefei) Co. Ltd acquired a substantial shareholding from the founder and family of Finnish Biohit Oyj and became the largest shareholder of the listed company. Biohit Oyj supplies the necessary raw materials and reagents used to produce serology test kits at the ISO 13485- certified manufacturing facility in China. In 2014, Biohit Oyi entered into a JV manufacturing arrangement with what is now known as Biohit Healthcare (Heifei) Co, Ltd. It is not clear who the Chinese investors/owners are of this manufacturer. It is up to Coles to do IN DEPTH due diligence on its suppliers.

Biohit Healthcare IgM/IgG Antibody Test Kit (25-pk) | VERBÖDEN Lab (

Coles’ Board of Directors

Has Coles performed a conflict of interest and anti-corruption assessment on the Board of Directors and their interests in AI companies, data companies or in the pharmaceutical companies as discussed above? Are the directors of the Board acting in the best interests of Coles Group (which includes its workers) or are directors jointly or severally acting in the best interests of the shareholders of Coles or other influential groups (such as chambers of commerce) and their investments in pharmaceutical companies?

We thank you for your kind attention to this matter.


A concerned Coles Customer/Employee

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