Now available in Dutch – 2nd Quarter 2023 Wrap Up: Dutch Farmers and Fishermen: The People Who Feed Us

With just one week until the next round of Dutch national elections, the fight for food sovereignty is intensifying. For the 2nd Quarter 2023 Wrap Up, Dutch journalist Elze van Hamelen wrote a blockbuster piece called “Dutch Farmers and Fishermen: The People Who Feed Us.” Her report has now been translated into Dutch to support the farmers and fishermen who are the backbone of the food supply.

Protests by farmers in the Netherlands—still ongoing—made international news in 2022 when the Dutch government stepped up its plans to move farmers off the land. Dutch fishermen, too, are being driven out of their centuries-old fishing grounds. The sly cover story for this accelerating land and sea grab is “protection” and “restoration” of nature, with farmers and fishermen cast as the bad guys.

Earlier this year, Elze conducted in-person interviews with Dutch farmers and fishermen and also studied the international treaties and agreements that have been steadily laying the train tracks for centralized control of food production and land use. Her written report masterfully integrates her on-the-ground findings with what she learned from diving into the superficially innocent but ultimately sinister “pretzel talk” disseminated in government, UN, and non-governmental organization (NGO) documents—all pointing in the direction of a stealth attack on national sovereignty and an unambiguous agenda to destroy food freedom and property rights.

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