Notes from Gro Brundtland Talk

[CAF Note: Susan Luschas sent me her notes on a talk by Gro Brundtland, the former prime minister of Norway who served as director-general of the WHO. I asked her for permission to republish as they give a sense of how central control is marketed, how weather warfare assists, and mass atrocity is made socially respectable. Given the years she was prime minister, Brundtland was likely instrumental in creating the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund – an act of astonishingly good governance to ensure that all Norwegians benefited from the wealth created by Norwegian natural resources. Brundtland appears to have had quite a change of heart. If you have not checked out Susan’s website, Debug Your Health, it is recommended. Link below]

Sioux Falls, SD March 14, 2023

by: S. Luschas

About 2,000 people in attendance, of which about 80% were students. Sioux Falls only has 200,000 residents.

· Some world leaders are hesitant about the WHO treaty because they think they will lose power. This is not true, they will gain more control over their own resources.

· Understands that AI takes a lot of electricity, but we must find a way around it because AI will help us.

· Kept saying “Believe in the Common Good” and “Noone is safe until everyone is safe” and “Common Future”

· This is the first generation where the quality of life will be worse than their parents. This is due to pandemics, war, racial discrimination, etc.

· Gro is a member of “The Monitoring Board” put together by the World Bank and WHO. The board monitors global pandemics. They ‘knew’ in September 2019 that there would be a global pandemic.

· Gro is a member of “The Elders” and kept talking about “The Elders”. Finally she explained that “Global Elders” is a group of former world leaders from around the globe who meet to promote peace and cooperation. It was founded by Nelson Mandela.

· The UN should have intervened back in 2014 when it was clear Russia was planning to invade Ukraine. Ukraine is fighting for freedom and the rule of international law.

· Recent weather events have succeeded in raising awareness about the need for SDG.

· The Pandemic response was “Panic then Neglect”. Initially we panicked then 2 years later we all forgot about the pandemic. This cannot happen again.

· 60% of Norwegians trust each other and their government. That number is only 10% for Columbia. Vaccine uptake is larger if people have trust. We must increase trust.

· Mentioned Trump several times as starting the “Geopolitical crisis”

· Gro received several standing ovations for her remarks.

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