Music of the Week: November 24, 2023: Allie Sherlock – Hallelujah

If you go on a shopping spree in the streets of Dublin these days, chances are that you can hear Allie Sherlock busking some of the great songs of our time.

Allie became a media sensation when she was but 11 years old, and her voice and performance skills have only improved since. At 12 years of age, she was invited to TV shows in Ireland and abroad, including the Ellen Show in the U.S. Now, at age 18, Allie Sherlock has over five million followers on YouTube.

Living in the city of Cork, Ireland, Allie started singing and writing her own music at the age of nine when she needed to learn to cope with her mother’s sudden death. That may be the reason for the psychological depth and maturity that one can hear ringing in her voice. Her father has become her manager, and thankfully remains her protector; Allie produces her own albums and has kept herself free from some of the dangerous traps of the music industry.

Her street performances and YouTube fame increasingly provide a platform for other young talents as well. Listen to this extraordinary street rendition of “Hallelujah” that she performs with 12-year-old Irish boy Fionn Whelan. Amazing!

"12 year old young Ed Sheeran" is the new Ed on the street Hallelujah Jeff Buckley - Allie Sherlock

“12 year old young Ed Sheeran” is the new Ed on the street Hallelujah Jeff Buckley – Allie Sherlock


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