Music of the Week: May 31, 2021: Vietórisz Tablature (Excerpts)

CAMERATA HUNGARICA - Vietórisz Tablature - EXCERPTS (2 LP.)
CAMERATA HUNGARICA - Vietórisz Tablature - EXCERPTS (2 LP.)

These Hungarian songs and dances from the Vietórisz Tabulature are not only a pure musical delight, they may transport you to a state of deep peace and joy and give you the feeling that life was less complicated then. Classified as Early Music, the songs and dances are performed by a variety of musicians and groups, among whom Fülöp Attila, Czidra László, Camerata Hungarica, Bodza Klára, and Primavera Vocal Quintet. This CD won the “GRAND PRIX Académie du Disque Francais”. Enjoy!

Early music generally comprises Medieval music (500–1400) and Renaissance music (1400–1600), but can also include Baroque music (1600–1750). Early music is a broad musical era for the beginning of Western classical music.

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