Movie of the Week: Week of June 3, 2024: Pottenger’s Cats

No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means.” ~ Maimonides, Philosopher

The Movie of the Week is Pottenger’s Cats, which highlights the extensive research conducted by American physician Francis Marion Pottenger Jr. on over 900 cats over a period of ten years. Pottenger’s results showed that a diet consisting of raw milk and raw meat was crucial for optimal health. This diet led to a variety of positive outcomes in the cats, including improved bone structure, healthy teeth, disease-free bodies, and shiny fur. On the other hand, when the cats consumed cooked foods, they experienced negative effects like arthritis, behavioral changes, sterility, skin disorders, allergies, hypothyroidism, and skeletal deformities.

Ultimately, Dr. Pottenger’s studies highlight the damaging impact of food processing and heat on both the quality of food and the well-being of those who consume it. These findings align with the observations made by Dr. Weston A. Price regarding the physical degeneration that ensues when individuals deviate from traditional, nutrient-dense dietary practices. We invite you to watch and share the results of Pottenger’s important research.


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