Movie of the Week: February 26, 2024: Forgotten Love

Forgotten Love - Trailer (Official) | Netflix

Forgotten Love – Trailer (Official) | Netflix

Our Movie of the Week, Forgotten Love, stands out as one of the most exciting releases on Netflix during the latter part of 2023. Based on the renowned Polish novel Znachor by Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz, the film tells the compelling story of Professor Rafal Wilczur, a wealthy and talented surgeon who assists less financially fortunate individuals who are unable to pay for insurance.

The noble Wilczur finds himself in a devastating situation when he loses everything: his memory, financial stability, successful career, and family. These circumstances force him to embark on a new journey, years later bringing him back into the life of his daughter.

We thoroughly recommend this beautifully produced and moving story, which explores themes of courage, ethics, determination, and the significance of perseverance.

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