Letters from Fleurette: December 2011

Dear Catherine,

You have been very much in my thoughts and prayer as I anticipate writing to celebrate your birthday.

I am deeply aware that this is your first birthday since Georgie’s death. This time last year you were already accompanying her as she moved through those last transformative weeks—from the ‘radiant goodness’ of her life as you knew it, into a life of radiant fulfillment. Your sharing that experience with me was an expression of trust for which I am deeply grateful. In fact, without even knowing it, since then you have been my companion along a path of spiritual transformation of my own! I have seen this as a direct gift from Georgie to me—something I will try to explain.

As I have been going through the chaotic process of moving — sorting through endless numbers of documents— I came across the first letter I wrote to you some six years ago. To this day I can’t believe I wrote that to a perfect stranger, but the hunch that prompted it has proven to be true, time and again. Even though I have had absolutely no success YET in influencing the decision-making process around the investments and financial management issues that I brought up at that time I have heard folks other than myself openly take up these same issues. This is very encouraging.

As I have been thinking about how difficult it is for people, even good and very intelligent people, to imagine moving into a framework of thought and action different from the status quo, I have been reminded of what I once heard Thomas Berry say that the people he fears the most are ‘good people with inadequate ideas’. Blake Levitt also mentioned something like that when speaking of the environmentalists who supported smart meters. Yet I also realize that I would never have become aware of the extent to which Berry’s fears are born out in issues such as investments and smart meters had it not been for you and the insights I have gleaned from following the Solari Reports and Blog. It is true that for twelve years in two of my favorite study groups we have delved into issues that you have also addressed in the Solari Reports: globalization; the military industrial complex; agra-industry’s threat to small farms; the water crisis and food safety. But, insights that were entirely new to me were shared in the three Reports: Blake Levitt’s on the electromagnetic field, Adam Tromblay’s on zero point energy, and Dr. Tiller’s report on the power of intention. These opened up an awareness of something totally new and it was this awareness that morphed into a most remarkable dream late last October.

I was lying in bed just before falling off to sleep. I realized from the way I was holding my pillow under my ear that I could hear my heart beat. I experienced my heart beat as ‘sound’. I listened to it. Then I realized from the way I was holding my left hand that I could feel my heart beat in my third finger. The two beats were not simultaneous, one was loud and the other softer. I lay, still awake and began thinking of how this little muscle had been contracting and expanding like this for 82—83 years, since it began before I left my mother’s womb. I lingered with that thought for a few moments and then questioned, “How can this be, no muscle can function without energy. Where is the energy my heart is using?”— and I then drifted into the most fantastic dream world.

I was surrounded and inside the field of free energy. All creatures with hearts — animal, humans, fish, birds— were all there pulsing with me. All of us were accessing the life-giving energy we need— together, all of us inside and enveloped within this life giving field! The entire globe pulsed within this field of shared energy. For me, experiencing this field, as different from ‘knowing about it’, was the closest I have come to a direct experience of God. It was like an affirmation of the prayer mantras I say so often:

“Thank you God for loving me and holding me in Love.”
“Thank you Life for birthing me and holding me in Life.”
“Thank you God for loving Catherine and holding her in Love.”
“Thank you Life for birthing Catherine and holding her in Life.”

Your gift to me of membership in the Solari Reports and your Blog, have opened up a path that has led me to the most remarkable spiritual experience. I am deeply grateful.

Happy Birthday my dear friend and Blessings for a Joyous Christmas!

December 13, 2011