Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of October 31, 2022: The Gospel of Mark – Recited by Jason Nightingale

"Jason Nightingale Recites Gospel of Mark from Memory" 04.03.16

“Jason Nightingale Recites Gospel of Mark from Memory” 04.03.16

Jason Nightingale (1948–2017), founder of Wordsower International ministry, had an extraordinary gift of memory that made his ministry totally unique. Having been trained as an actor, he had the ability to memorize long passages. He began to recite Scripture from memory to congregations.

Hearing and following the text in this way brings it to life. Jason Nightingale’s acting talent allowed him to place the right emphasis on the words, bring the perfect cadence to the passages, and use the effect of breath and pause to help the listener understand the narrative in a way likely not experienced before.

All religious cultures on some level know the value and the practice of memorizing the Holy Word. This is a fine example of how to continue such gifts even in our more and more secular times.


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Obituary by William Roach about Jason Nightingale, “The Wordsower”

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