Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of October 24, 2022: Must-See Documentaries – Past Recommendations

Catherine is on the road, and she keeps running into people who have not watched some of our best recommended movies—recommendations that we know you would love.

So, for this week’s Let’s Go to the Movies we want to highlight three of our strong recommendations from the past few years—excellent films that underscore the beauty of our planet, the elegance and intelligence of animals, and their extraordinary connection to us.

1) The Velvet Queen – Let’s Go to the Movies, Week of April 18, 2022

2) My Octopus Teacher – Documentary of the Year 2020

3) Harry & Snowman – Let’s Go to the Movies, Week of January 9, 2020

and Documentary of the Year 2019

Each of these documentaries conveys the profound relationship that exists between humanity and the kingdom of the animals, the experience of which can become a lasting and transformative shift of consciousness.

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views: 24