Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of May 2, 2022: On the Record – An Interview with Matt Le Tissier


This week, we recommend you watch legendary British soccer (European football) player and sports commentator Matthew Le Tissier speak about the many collapsing professional athletes worldwide.

Young, healthy, well-trained players fainting, collapsing, and suffering from cardiac arrest or blood clotting complications—Le Tissier notes that nothing like it had ever occurred in the many years of his professional sports life, nor in that of his colleagues, nor in the observations of sports commentators in the past.

Clearly, the only logical conclusion that the old media could come to was: “This has nothing to do with the vaccines!”

(Wink, wink)

During this exclusive interview with Oracle Films, Le Tissier speaks about his early suspicions and subsequent conclusions, drawn not only from an intimate and inside perspective of the health requirements and risks of athletes and sports clubs, but also from watching the lockstep actions and mandates issued by virtually every nation on the planet.

Clearly, the only logical conclusion that he could come to was: “This has an awful lot to do with the vaccines!”

Matt Le Tissier has, in the meantime, lost his position as a Sky Sports News pundit and was made to step down from being an ambassador for his home club Southampton.


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