Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of March 7, 2022: Take Back Your Power

Take Back Your Power 2017 (Official) - smart meter documentary

Take Back Your Power 2017 (Official) – smart meter documentary

(Version of 2017 with subtitles in several languages)

In preparation for the Solari interview with Dr. Beverly Rubik on her recent and crucial peer-reviewed paper that gives the “Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G,” we recommend that you take the time to view the award-winning documentary Take Back Your Power by Josh del Sol (first version published in 2013, updated cut in 2017).

The film shows how, with the installation of smart utility meters in their houses, people started to experience unexplained sickness and health impacts. There is a very apparent correlation between wireless transmitters and biophysical stresses.

The documentary also shows that apart from posing serious health risks, smart meters are veritable in-home surveillance devices and extortion traps that are a functional part of the “control grid” to which we are gradually being accustomed. Even though this is one of the earlier films about wireless radiation, smart meters, and the Internet of Things, it provides revealing and still timely insights into the powers and intentions behind the scheme.

The film, produced with a small budget of $200,000 USD raised from crowdfunding and private sources, won several awards as “Best Documentary” at international film festivals.

Josh del Sol leads the InPower Movement and Take Back Your Power action community, which is working on many fronts to raise awareness about 5G and wireless radiation and to find safe technologies for the modern world. Their website is also a wonderful source of knowledge and material on how to protect yourself from radiation and actions you can take.


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