Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of March 29, 2021: The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories. Part 1 Introduction to the idea of God by Dr. Jordan Peterson

Biblical Series I: Introduction to the Idea of God
Biblical Series I: Introduction to the Idea of God

"When I look at the stories in the Bible, I do it, in some sense, with a beginner’s mind. It’s a mystery, this book: how the hell it was made, why it was made, why we preserved it, why it happened to motivate an entire culture for 2,000 years and transform the world. What’s going on? How did that happen? It’s by no means obvious. One of the things that bothers me about casual critics of religion is that they don’t take the phenomena seriously. It’s a serious phenomena, not least because people have the capacity for religious experience, and no one knows why that is."

"[…] The idea is to see if there’s something at the bottom of this amazing civilization that we’ve managed to structure, that I think is in peril, for a variety of reasons. Maybe, if we understand it a little bit better, we won’t be so prone just to throw the damned thing away, which I think would be a big mistake. And to throw it away because of resentment, hatred, bitterness, historical ignorance, jealousy, the desire for destruction, and all of that…I don’t want to go there. It’s a bad idea, to go there. We need to be better-grounded. " ~ Dr. Jordan Peterson

If you’ve ever considered reading the Bible and never found the time or courage to do so, hearing Peterson think through this material, unscripted, is enlightening.

You can find the entire series here.

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