Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of June 14, 2021: Hybrid World — The Plan to Modify and Control The Human Race

Hybrid World | Full Transhumanism Documentary
Hybrid World | Full Transhumanism Documentary

Things are moving fast in this area of science. Whether we are talking about research on nanobots and the integration of digital technology, human-animal chimeras, human extensions, or directed evolution, transhumanism has serious implications for the future of our society. One of the critical questions is how the law will be applied to humans and non-humans, or animals with human genes. What about biodesigns that could lead to immortality?

What are the real goals of transhumanism? Anyone who cares about their humanity would be well served to learn more about where science wants to take us. Wanting to extend our lifespan or enhance our intelligence is not necessarily a bad thing but it could also have unintended consequences. In this documentary Thomas Horn, a writer for a large newspaper from Oklahoma, briefs us on developments in transhumanism and explains what a hybrid world could look like where humans have been enhanced with man-made technology. The documentary asks many of the right questions, a very useful watch if you want to understand where we are headed in a relatively near future and the risks we are facing.

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