Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of August 16, 2021: The Romantics

The Romantics - Liberty (BBC Documentary)
The Romantics - Liberty (BBC Documentary)

"Anyone who has ever yearned for a simple life, free from the constraints of modern society, owes a debt to William Blake." ~ The Romantics – Nature

The Romantics – Nature

The Romantics – Eternity

This 3-part documentary on romanticism is an example of how understanding the past can help us navigate the present and the future. Approximately 250 years ago, in response to the industrial revolution, the romantic movement swept through Europe and the United States transforming literature, music, art, and architecture. Today, we find ourselves at a similar crossroads.

Instead of embracing the ongoing centralization of power and the hypermaterialism it engenders, we need to provide alternatives to protect the integrity of science, the wise use of technology and our individual rights and liberties. Once again, cultivating our connection to nature, our imagination and our faith in ourselves and each other are essential aspects of a human “reset.”

More on Romanticism on Wikipedia.

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