Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of August 15, 2022: Agenda 2030 Documentary


It is time we all start to speak, think, educate, and do something about the mind-control grid that is all around us, working on each person “one at a time” and creating an invisible but ubiquitous prison that is poised to suddenly snap and lock into place.

Our recent interview and book reviews [here and here] about an nonexistent phenomenon called “mass formation” point out that while many people have a sense that something is wrong and are yearning for an explanation, most are still unwilling and unable to fully acknowledge the reality of the digital control grid and military-grade electromagnetic and neurological weapons employed against literally every citizen, one-on-one!

“Mass formation” is a fake explanation designed to lead you away from realizing that the digital control grid noose is slowly and surely tightening around you. The weapons exist and are no longer secret. Versions thereof were employed on the Iraqi army more than 20 years ago during the Gulf War’s Operation Desert Storm, leading to the complete and sudden surrender of Iraqi troops. Are they also being used on unwitting citizens? Alas, they are.

This documentary is a video compilation of excerpts of numerous reports, lectures, interviews, speculations, and documentation about the advanced cognitive computer and weapons systems that are in place, silently watching and simulating each individual, creating a “Sentient World Simulation” and digitizing each person through AI and quantum computers.

None of us will be able to avoid this topic for much longer. Please watch this documentary (or others) and decide for yourself. Begin to do more things offline, without a phone in hand or Bluetooth in ear. Go out to meet and interact with real people and real things!

(Caveat: It is unfortunate that the film’s background music makes it more difficult to follow.)

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Dr. James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future

Dr. Charles Morgan: Psycho-Neurobiology and War

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