Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of April 3, 2023: Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All At Once | Official Trailer HD | A24

Everything Everywhere All At Once | Official Trailer HD | A24

After winning seven Oscars at this year’s Academy Awards, there is not much left to say about our movie recommendation of the week, other than we had it on our list even before its grand slam win of becoming the most awarded film of all time.

Everything Everywhere All at Once, starring the ingenious Michelle Yeoh, is an extremely funny and intelligent mix of film genres—encompassing comedy, science, fantasy, spirituality, sociocritical drama, and feel-good psychology—that charts new territory in what could be called “visual stream of consciousness” narration.

The film essentially teaches about the value of the present moment and how we are called to stop living in “parallel lives” of our own fantasies, regrets, or self-aggrandizement, and start actually seeing and embracing what is there before us at any given time. Only then will we find life meaningful and maybe even do something heroic.

Let us know in the comments who you think is the hero of the story.

Watch online on various streaming services, or go to a movie theater near you.

(Warning: The movie contains two scenes that for some viewers may be leaving the terroir of the comical and bordering on bad taste.)


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