Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of April 11, 2022: Writing with Fire

Writing With Fire (Official Trailer)

Writing With Fire (Official Trailer)

This encouraging feature documentary about an Indian newspaper that is run entirely by women who belong to the lowest caste of the Indian social system (the Dalit, formerly called the “untouchables”) shows how people can make a difference when they just go out “and do something.”

The film describes the work of the Dalit women as they learn to adapt to the new media landscape, going out with smartphones to report from the most dangerous regions of the country and the heartland of India. Building a digital news agency through self-training and determination, the women offer real-world news and hands-on investigative journalism at a level of quality that we are sorely missing in our own news programs today. In addition, the film helps us to see India, particularly from the point of view of lower-caste people, and provides much insight into this vast country’s important culture.

Writing with Fire is a testimony that we all can have a voice and that anyone who chooses can be part of those who make a difference. It is the first Indian feature documentary to have been nominated for an Academy Award.

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Interview with the two co-directors and co-producers Rintu Thomas and Ghosh Sushmit providing further background on the genesis of the film.