LA Times & MSM Destroying Themselves

To the owners of the Los Angeles Times:

The front-page story in your Sunday paper, “Blame Trump For Dividing Nation,” was the last straw. It’s hard to believe that a respectable newspaper I had admired for so long, has sunk so low, and become so biased – not in the opinion section, but on the front page!

After being an LA Times subscriber for over 50 years, I’ve decided to cancel my subscription. Not only was I an avid reader and subscriber, additionally, for the last 46 years, my advertising agency was responsible for placing tens of millions of dollars in ads for dozens of local retail clients — from furniture and clothing stores, to real estate and financial organizations. I will no longer recommend buying advertising space in your newspaper to my clients.

Trump is not the one dividing the nation, the mainstream media is doing that. He is merely pointing out the truth.


Ben Lizardi
Lizardi Communications, Inc.
Pasadena, CA 91103

LA Times & MSM destroying themselves