In the Eye of the Storm – Croatian Parliament

On December 1st, 2023 Catherine presents to the Croatian Parliament in Zagreb to discuss digital transformation of the financial systems and its potential consequences.

An overview of the conference can be found here. The livestream can be found here.

Here are Catherine’s Musings from Croatia on the conference:

Numerous members of our network are in Zagreb Croatia for the presentations to the Croatian parliament. Several members, including Meryl Nass, Renate Holzeisen and Philipp Kruse have been on the road, actively educating political and government leaders in US and Europe to try to end support for the WHO Amendments, Treaty, funding and membership.

The clear feedback from numerous countries is:

  • They are in an economic vise, including a debt-trap;
  • They do not want to be alone in resisting the WHO.

Clear message — we need proposals to help these countries get out of their debt trap together.

Renate and Philipp both gave excellent presentations yesterday on their litigation and challenges to the EMA and Swiss Medic – they have spent several years documenting the criminality of what has happened through the health care system.

Through their presentations and conversations, I was reminded that their core legal practice is based in business — tax for Philipp and business legal advice and litigation for Renate. Their brief descriptions of some of the problems the businesses they have worked with face aligned with what I and my allies have observed. I spent several days in Switzerland this summer listening to what is happening to the small and medium size and even large companies that are the real economic muscle in Europe. I heard the same in the US during October and November.

Unfortunately, Richard Werner was not able to join us this weekend — he is a critical participant in these conversations on both economic growth and banking.

It is not just the political leaders who are in an economic vise, so are the business leaders. The loss of political sovereignty is being used to extract economic value from business and markets — again in a way that centralizes wealth but shrinks total wealth. This group includes enterprises in critical areas such as manufacturing, agriculture, energy, investment and banking. In Solari’s investment screen company, we regularly review such companies and observe the heavy expense the pandemic and increasing central control has added to their management and business and ability to trade.

Of course, the problems are compounded by the general poisoning of the population and the rise of all cause mortality. Part of solutions are businesses and practices that help people be healthy, including regenerative agriculture.

How do we gather the right group of people to help each other with a system wide economic and political solution? Renate has regularly emphasized the importance of engaging with the entrepreneurs. We just spoke again about this — she has an excellent grasp on the situation.

The EU decision to move forward with the digital ID accelerates the pressure to do so. A combination of digital ID making possible complete financial transaction control with the WHO amendments and treaty — not to mention what the UN accomplishes with its future summit and one health system in 2024 – creates a powerful economic trap.

The economic and financial trap is used to enforce the political and legal trap. How do we develop a wealth building response that gets entrepreneurs and business/investment/banking leaders and political leaders out of the power and sovereignty draining trap together?

One way to raise the question may be to invite the family offices and their donor advised funds, particularly family offices with major positions in operating enterprises, to come out of the shadows to play a leadership role in the dialogue. We need wealth building solutions, rather than remaining isolated while our economic productivity and family wealth continues to be extracted and drained.

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