Hero of the Week: September 5, 2022: Whitney Webb

Whitney Webb is one of the bravest people among the new media and freedom fighters, looking at the things that many do not have the patience nor the courage to think about. Her razor-blade-like dissection of the most difficult topics is in a category by itself.

Whitney has just completed a new book in two volumes, One Nation Under Blackmail, that will publish on September 22, 2022, and this alone is reason enough to pronounce her Hero of the Week. With this book, Whitney Webb has accomplished an extraordinary feat of scholarship and documentation that is essential for understanding not only how the “Epstein case” could happen but how the whole financial coup was carried out.

Many are eagerly awaiting her book and expect a fast read of “juicy stuff” on Epstein and his cronies, but Whitney has written something much more important! She has essentially laid the train tracks and produced the undeniable serious scholarship that allows everybody to understand that this country is managed and run by organized crime.

Her astonishing, footnote-heavy treatise is based solely on known and verifiable facts on the history of the organized crime syndicates that are running—and overrunning—America.

How Ms. Webb did it, with two babies and all of life’s changes during the past two years, in addition to the many interviews, blog posts, and podcasts she is publishing, is a marvel.

What Whitney Webb is laying bare about the “organized crime networks” is comparable to what the Solari Report is showing for the “Going Direct Reset.” And, of course, the two are interlinked.

If you are interested in organized crime and how things are really run, you need these books in your library. Everybody should just get online and order the bundle.

Catherine has just finished reading an advanced copy of the book, so stay tuned for the book review.


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