Hero of the Week: October 23, 2023: Thomas H. Meyer

Last week saw the completion of Thomas H. Meyer’s lecture series on Spiritual Science in the Present Age.

Thomas is a long-term ally and personal friend who is a profound expert on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. If you visit his family home in Switzerland, you will encounter an atmosphere of richness and profundity of thinking and debate, intermingled with literature, music, and the meeting of great minds, that instantly reminds you of some of the famous intellectual salons of 19th- and early 20th-century Europe. This atmosphere made Thomas’ house into a central meeting point during the “pandemic period,” where some of the important steps of reaffirming human civilization were formulated.

The completion of the Spiritual Science in the Present Age series, to which Thomas agreed in 2021, is a milestone of Solari publishing and constitutes a library of content that we want to highlight and recommend to all our readers and subscribers. Topped recently by an additional conversation between Thomas and Catherine on Spiritual Warfare, we hope to have provided valuable tools for action and orientation during our changing times.

Thomas H. Meyer is our Hero of the Week. You have given us such wealth and elegance of knowledge, Thomas, we cannot thank you enough!

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