Hero of the Week: October 2, 2023: Russell Brand

Unproven allegations by anonymous individuals who make claims under pseudonyms speaking in darkened rooms… is that really what we want to spend our time on? Besides, all accusations made are by now outside of the statute of limitation periods.

As writer and journalist Esther Krakue said on X (Twitter) on September 17, 2023:

“There is nothing ‘stunning and brave’ about choosing to sit down with a journalist instead of going to the police. And someone who does that is definitely not interested in ‘justice,’ only public sympathy.”

As serious as the claims against Russell Brand are, the fact that they are being handled solely in the so-called court of public opinion—and by the media, not the police—should tell us a lot.

The allegations were brought against Russell not long after a very illuminating interview with Dr. John Campbell, the YouTube medical celebrity whose journey through three years of pandemic reporting opened his own eyes and that of millions of his viewers.

Now, Big Pharma and Big Government not only want to destroy Russell’s name and deplatform him from all channels but also impoverish him and his family. Proof can be seen in this letter from the UK Parliamentary Committee on Culture, Media and Sport, sent within a couple of days of the first airing of the allegations, demanding that video platforms like Rumble prevent Russell Brand from monetizing his content.

A huge tip of the hat to Rumble and its CEO Chris Pavlovski for a powerful rebuff. This is hero-worthy in itself.

Russell Brand has long been on our Hero list for his thought-provoking shows and authentic conversations about the real issues that people face and that inform complex policy discussions. He combines this with fascinating stories, eloquent and highly intelligent soliloquies, and some great laughs, all of which earned him 2.5 million firm followers. He is educated, funny, courageous, good-looking, and vibrant, and we hope he will stay strong.

The way to support Russell Brand is to sign up to his Rumble channel and delete from your list anybody who wastes your time playing the game of unproven allegations. Exercise your power in the “court of popular opinion,” and turn them off!

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