Hero of the Week: Oct. 11, 2021: The Cleary Family of Glenisk

The owners of Glenisk—a top organic dairy brand in Ireland—are our hero this week for keeping their employees and dairy farmers paid in spite of losing their yogurt factory to a fire a week ago.

Five days after the fire destroyed most of the company’s infrastructure, Glenisk was already back in business, at least with their production of cartons of goat’s milk. They hope to be able to offer yogurt again by January 1st, 2022.

Glenisk collects organic milk from 50 dairy farmers in Ireland. Even though they are currently not able to produce yogurt, they continue to collect the milk and pay their farmers, as they all depend on each other for success.

For three decades, the Clearys—the family behind Glenisk—have been producing yogurt in Killeigh, Co Offaly, next to the family farm. Their goal is to continue to produce the best-tasting organic dairy products in the world. They employ 60 people and make 100 million servings of yogurt every year.

Read more about the fire here.

Consider that we have millions of people losing their jobs at hospitals, government agencies, and schools due to mandates. And we have millions of people who need health care, education, and other services who are also losing the traditional services those same institutions have been providing. The best investment in the world is reinvesting our resources to create the new enterprises and new services now needed. The Clearys have set a fine example by showing us the opportunity.

Glenisk’s website