Hero of the Week: May 22, 2023: Peter Flaherty

“This whole thing backfired on them. If they were trying to silence me, they failed…. Many more people heard my message than otherwise would have.” ~ Peter Flaherty

Peter Flaherty is Chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) and a longtime anti-corruption activist.

For many years, Mr. Flaherty has not only courageously and consistently confronted the corruption of some of the largest multinational corporations and holdings but has also helped uncover political corruption and the entanglements of public figures and members of Congress with influential foundations and individuals.

During the recent annual shareholders’ meeting of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway in Omaha, Mr. Flaherty mentioned Bill Gates in connection with Jeffrey Epstein, which led to his microphone being cut off and Mr. Flaherty being arrested. Shareholders booed him, as it is obvious nobody wants to push the “Red Button.”

Here is a man who has started to connect the dots in ways that people have so far avoided doing, and who is helping shareholders see what their investment money is actually building. This is the Red Button Story to a tee.

In a unique way, our Hero of the Week is helping people understand that a lot of corruption is in fact supported by their own money. As more and more of the dots get connected, we all will have uncomfortable things to face about what is going on in our immediate communities and our own investments and lives.


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