Hero of the Week: May 10, 2021: Three Nurses and Healthcare Workers Injured by COVID-19 Injection Speak Up

In an interview with Del Bigtree (The Highwire), three very courageous frontline workers who found each other on social media—before getting censored—share the disastrous effects the COVID-19 injection has had on their body. At least 37 people have joined their group after experiencing the same full-body convulsions resulting from neurological damage caused by the injection. Tragically, one of them saw the videos that these three women posted on social media demonstrating their neurological damage. She did not believe them and went ahead to get a Covid-19 injection. Now she is one of them. Now she knows. Many more have contacted them.

Even more shocking were some of the responses from their employers, insurance companies (no worker’s compensation even when the employer had required the injection; health care insurance will not cover medical expenses) and medical staff who looked at them: denial and silence. Of course, the “media” doesn’t want to hear about this.

The interview is not easy to watch but it is real. The reality is very hard to swallow for these dedicated healthcare workers who have put their trust in the medical field for their entire career. They were simply not aware of the risks associated with the injections. Where was the informed consent process? Someone is liable. Now they cannot work, have medical bills piling up, are told no one has a remedy or solution, and they are telling their stories at great risk.

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