Hero of the Week: March 7, 2022: William A. Tiller (September 18, 1929–February 7, 2022)

“Why has orthodox physics neglected the superluminal velocities of de Broglie pilot wave components?” 

~ William Arthur Tiller

William A. Tiller was a former professor of materials science at Stanford University, where he produced reputable scientific work in the field of crystallization. He was a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

His groundbreaking work, however, involved the study of consciousness by means of “intention experiments,” which he began in the late 1970s with gas discharge devices (Kirlian photography devices to measure biofield emissions). It was shown that the discharge patterns could be influenced by human thought. After retiring from academia, Tiller began to pursue “Psychoactive Science” and Information Medicine in earnest, doing so with the same rigorous scientific methodology as when he worked at Stanford.

Tiller is best known for his 2001 book Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics, in which he detailed carefully designed experiments that proved the influence of mind on matter.

For example, the pH value of water could be clearly and measurably changed to acidic or alkaline by focused intention only.

Beyond working with the direct energy exchange between the human field and an organic or inorganic substance, Tiller designed an Intention Host Device (IHD) that would be imprinted with the intention in its electronic circuitry and could affect physical reality without the practitioner being present—and in a repeatable manner in different geographic locations.

He theorized the existence of a second layer of substance, a “magnetic information wave” level that was capable of interacting with and influencing the first layer, or “electric atom molecule” level. Over the years, he published hundreds of papers and several books that highlighted the value and meaningfulness such a new understanding of the physics of reality would have for all areas of human activity and existence, suggesting the possibility of new forms of medicine, business and economy, materials and engineering, as well as human creativity and coherence.

Tiller’s work can be viewed as having introduced a paradigm shift that has not yet been fully appreciated; it also raises a host of unanswered questions and opens up new areas of research and insights that we have hardly begun to explore.

It is time for a consciousness-inclusive science. William Tiller is its pioneer. The work of Tiller and those who have followed also makes it abundantly clear that without a higher mind—and a physics that includes consciousness—humanity is unlikely to continue on a path of freedom.

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The Tiller Foundation


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