Hero of the Week: June 28, 2021: Bishop Schneider

"We need to reclaim our dignity as creatures created in the image and likeness of God." ~ Bishop Schneider

Bishop Schneider, Auxiliary Bishop of Astana in Kazakhstan (central Asia), is our hero this week. Growing up in a German family in Kyrgyzstan, then part of the Soviet Union, he experienced the Soviet persecution of the Church. He was able to leave the country when he was 12 and completed his education in West Germany. He has been championing the pre-Vatican II liturgical traditions and practices of the Church.

Bishop Schneider Interview | Planet Lockdown
Bishop Schneider Interview | Planet Lockdown

In this must-see interview for Planet Lockdown, Bishop Schneider openly talks about the need to reclaim our God-given right for freedom and privacy. He also denounces the use of cell lines from aborted fetuses for “vaccination” as intrinsically evil.

He sees many similarities between the situation we are facing today and what happened under the Soviet regime. As with communism, the goal is to create a society of total control, which shifts into slavery.

Bishop Schneider strongly invites us to use our common sense and rise up against this new form of dictatorship in the West.

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