Hero of the Week: June 20, 2022: Jason Bawden

“I’ll be in touch!” ~ Jason Bawden to his friends

Our Hero of the Week is no longer with us, and yet will never leave the Solari “cosmos.” His impact on the Solari Report network and the field of intelligence that he brought in are still vibrant and tangible. We are choosing him in relation to this week’s Solari Report on “EMF Solutions” because of his unique expertise in ways to protect from the harmful effects of a wireless world, but we note that he is one of our heroes on a great many levels. We are talking about Jason Bawden (formerly Jason Bawden-Smith).

Jason has made a difference in the lives of many thousands of people. Jason became an environmental health scientist as a young man after contracting an ear infection from the polluted waters of the Sydney coast where he delighted to surf. He set out to transform contaminated lands and waters by educating companies and introducing new technologies to prevent pollution. Among these were technologies that reduced lead poisoning in children and helped mitigate the impact of excessive mining activities. He was also a remarkable entrepreneur and business man, so his environmental expertise and solutions became one of the most successful contaminated land consultancy companies in Australia, with nearly 200 employees all over the country.

Jason also authored the best-selling 2016 book In the Dark, in which he educates about the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, electricity, and computer screens or smartphones, as well as how to protect ourselves from the ever-increasing interference of EMFs with our biology and neurology.

All of his business projects resulted from his motivation to help people find better health as well as from a keen interest in scientific solutions, and his last company, MitoHQ, was no different, focusing on new and profound health technologies. Jason was pursuing new insights into the function of the mitochondria—our cellular powerhouses—and the role that water plays in life and biology.

His generosity of self and his great experience in business and leadership made him an extraordinary mentor of young entrepreneurs, showing them how to “think big” and develop their skills fast.

While Jason had his finger on the pulse of scientific innovation, he was also able to connect the dots in the great philosophical questions of human existence. When he met Catherine in 2014, the friendship and collaboration that developed resulted in a flood of encounters and ideas that immediately became part of the Solari intelligence to live a free and inspired life. One of their areas of philosophical agreement was a model of how to solve the pressing problems of our day with profitable entrepreneurship that builds family wealth at the same time. Another of these opportunities was the Journey to Uluru in 2018 that Jason enabled, which forged important connections for all participants that endure to this day.

Alas, Solari’s collaboration with Jason ended all too soon when Jason passed in July of 2021. However, his leadership in the development of new solutions and his vision of a positive future for humanity live on: In his name, we have created an invention room for the next 1000 years in our Solari project entitled “Jason 3021”.

Our homage to Jason Bawden

The Journey to Uluru

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