Hero of the Week: June 17, 2024: Dave Smith

“Laughter makes the bitter swallowing of truth, for some, a little easier.” ~ Bill Hicks

We have crowned as our Hero of the Week Dave Smith, a comedian who exudes a refreshing and lively energy. In a recent debate with Chris Cuomo, he created a conversation that was both engaging and impactful, skillfully blending humor with hard-hitting truth. Smith’s ability to weave these elements together shone light on the reality of several important issues.

During his time as a CNN news anchor, Cuomo was unwavering in his public support for lockdown measures and the Covid injections, vehemently criticizing anyone who dared to question the government and mainstream narrative. Though he adamantly denigrated the use of ivermectin, he now admits to regularly taking it. Considering Cuomo’s influence on and misdirection of public opinion, it is worth asking the question: How many people died or were disabled, and consequently, how many families were bankrupted because Cuomo and his colleagues—earning rich salaries—eagerly promoted experimental gene therapies, refusing to do due diligence and bullying those who tried to warn them?

During the firm exchange with Smith, Cuomo found himself under an intense spotlight. Smith commented, “You ate up every piece of propaganda, repeated all of it without any thought to whether it was true or not, and then smeared millions of Americans like myself who were opposed to this stuff.” In the two different approaches that Smith and Cuomo exemplify, one presents the truth so that people can protect themselves and take action while there is still time to do something about it, while the other serves up a fake map that herds people off a cliff.

The conversation also highlighted the power of humor as an opener—functioning as a blunt yet disarming truth-telling tool. Humor makes it possible to repackage unsavory truths into something far more palatable, forging almost every subject into a topic that can be broached head-on; the listener, who is caught off guard, is likely to be far more receptive.

Smith takes on the “divide and conquer” media games brilliantly and brings the focus back to the money being stolen from one and all:

What’s happening is that the most powerful people are trying to pit us against each other, so that we are constantly fighting in a culture war—so that we never all get together and realize that. You know what the left wing and the right wing of the culture war have in common? Both of their dollars have been destroyed by the Federal Reserve. But that never gets covered on CNN; I never see a big segment about that. [A]ll those years of having the number one CNN show, not one segment about the secrecy of the Federal Reserve, the secrecy of the CIA.

With the U.S. presidential election looming, now is a good time to talk, plant a seed, and ask about the money being stolen from all of us: “Where is the missing $21 trillion?” As the Solari Report has reported, the $21 trillion that went missing from the U.S. government for the 1998-2015 period (the equivalent of $65,000 per person) was, as of 2018, as much as the national debt!

“The US government is missing $21 trillion – $65,000 for every American. With the elections coming up, now is the time to start asking about our money.”

We thank Dave Smith for his forthright approach. Never forget the immense power of humor, which can be an invaluable asset and source of strength, even in times of solitude or despair. And be sure to watch the show!


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